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Audio & Video Transcription Services

With advancements in technology, people are becoming more tech-savvy and digital with sharing information. Instead of taking the traditional route of drafting a letter and sharing it with peers, the method of recording the information verbally and share instantly is the new craze. Being counted as an informal approach, despite that, this method is widely accepted. And when that recorded message is converted into written text, it is called transcription.

At one point or another, many of us need to transcribe some sort of recorded information in textual form. This process seems quite tedious sometimes and also needs lots of time to invest in. Transcription services can prove to be your savior at this stage. The transcribed information is easy to understand, share, and edit. Transcription services can prove invaluable if you want to convert any recorded information into usable text. It can also help you in saving tons of your time and effort.

We at Lingua Guru are committed to offering you the best of everything in the language industry. Being counted as a nationwide transcription leader, we have a zest to serve you better. We have a team of best ‘ears’ who are committed to serving your transcription needs with excellent service and high quality.

Why Website translation is a must?

Transcription Services | Transcription services handle two formats from recording to writing. And at Lingua Guru, we offer different transcription supports. A few of them are:
  • Medical transcription service: Being considered as a special niche in the transcription industry, medical transcription is more about spell out the medical terms correctly. Be it a medical history, reports, discharge summary, consultations, etc., our team comprises professional medical transcriptionists to serve your needs.
  • Legal transcription service: Being counted as a crucial part of legal proceedings, availing legal transcription services helps to cut down your expenses by making your administrative staff free for other important assignments.
  • Business transcription service: All other segments apart from medical and legal comes under the business segment. We select experts of that niche from our team to handle different business transcriptions.
  • General transcription service: It includes remaining technological segments of different niches.
  • And many more…
  • We are backed by a multi-specialized team and hence ensure a quick turnaround with high quality and accuracy. But we also acknowledge the fact that the accuracy of the transcript solely depends on the clarity of the audio. If the audio will be clear, the transcript will be more accurate.

    What makes us the Best?
    It is always the best idea to leave important things for experts to handle. At Lingua Guru, we make sure that our clients always experience unmatched services while partnering with us.
    Our transcription services comprising a 4-step process to make sure that the result is 100% accurate.
    Step 1: Transcription
    As an initial step, the file is divided into smaller sections and further assigned to our specialized team members for documenting.
    Step 2: Review
    In this step, sections are edited and if required, timestamp and speaker tracking are added.
    Step 3: Proofreading
    Once the transcription is documented, we check it for errors, grammar, language, and style to ensure that you get a polished version of your transcript.
    Step 4: Quality check
    As a last step, the final transcription is again verified to ensure the highest accuracy and quality level of work.

    Along with the above, some of our key features also make us stand apart from others:
    • Highly skilled and qualified team
    • Guaranteed privacy and security of your information
    • High-quality results
    • On-time delivery
    • Affordable pricing
    • 24/7 customer support
    Why Choose Us?
    With our long-standing experience in transcription services, we, at Lingua Guru, are a well-known name in the translation industry. We are backed by highly skilled team members and a never-ending list of happy and satisfied customers. We count on our high-quality services as our hallmark.

    Our principal aim is to deliver the best quality work to our clients through integrity, commitment, and transparency. And, if you are preparing yourself to be more efficient than co-partner with us, add our transcription services to your workflow and give your business new heights to scale.

Looking for a Document Translation?


Looking for a Document Translation?