Malayalam Translation Services

Malayalam Translation Services

Malayalam is the native spoken and writing language in the Indian state of Kerala. Apart from that, Malayalam is used by people living in the union territories of Lakshadweep and Puducherry. Around 38 million people use Malayalam as the primary communication language. Malayalam translation has become necessary for various unavoidable purposes. Lingua Guru has shown supreme interest to satisfy the Malayalam translation requirement of clients. To meet our quality standard we have hired a native team of professional Malayalam translators.

Needs of English to Malayalam translation
English to Malayalam translation is necessary for many different domains. Kerala is ranked at number one among Indian states in literacy. The educational field comes at the top where the translation service is quite essential. The following is a comprehensive list of fields where people may seek English to Malayalam translation services.
  • Education and academic industry
  • Business and commerce
  • Science and technology
  • Medicine and health
  • Day to day life matters
  • Social science
  • Retailing and production
  • Advertising and promotional functions
  • Firming and agriculture
  • Economic affairs
  • Governmental cases
You may need English to Malayalam translation in any of these fields. Our professional translators have separate sets of certified knowledge in all important domains.

Malayalam language and its inner essence
The modern Malayalam language is believed to be born amid the 16th century. It was originated from Tamil language and currently has several dialect patterns in different regions. Malayalam is a Dravidian language with 13 different dialect patterns. At Lingua Guru we have expert translators with exceptional knowledge about each dialect.

Quick, error-free, professional Malayalam translator for any field
The Malayalam translators we have appointed are promising to the deadline. We don’t make errors at all because all our personnel have emerged through pure professionalism. As mentioned before, we have translators who are professed in every other fields. Accuracy is what makes us famous and its due to the use of Internationally appreciated CAT Tool STL Trados. To maintain the highest level of quality, we do editing and proofreading alongside the translation.

Native Malayalam translators with complete technical knowledge
The Malayalam language is comprised of too many technical aspects. Only our native Malayalam translators can break down those complexities correctly. The multi-talented translators working with Lingua Guru have clear cut ideas about the technicality involved in different dialects.

Lingua Guru is already a clients’ favourite Malayalam translation service provider
We have already achieved a landmark milestone in satisfying clients. Our clients have provided magnificent positive feedback for the Malayalam translation services they received from us.

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