Tamil Translation Services

Tamil Translation Services

Tamil is a vastly used language that is approximately spoken by 75 million people as the primary language. The southern Indian state Tamil Nadu is its birthplace and also has the most users. Some portion of people in other states, including Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana, consider Tamil as their spoken language as well. Additionally, Tamil is the principal language of the Indian union territory of Puducherry and neighbor Island country Sri Lanka. At Lingua Guru, we can present to you the most prolific Tamil translators hired from the native land.

Why English to Tamil translation is on-demand
For so many reasons, English to Tamil translation has become a necessity for people. Tamil Nadu is a large and remarkably developed state of India. In almost every sort of rankings, Tamil Nadu is one of the top five states of the country. The capital city of Chennai is one of the four metropolitan cities in India. Let’s have a look at some of the crucial areas where people seeking English to Tamil translation services.
  • Commercial objectives
  • Science and technology
  • Educational purposes
  • Health and medicine
  • Legal affairs
  • Life science
  • Social purposes
  • Travel and tourism
  • Transport and carriage
  • Housing department
  • History and civics
  • Government terms
The Tamil translators we provide have gone through unique training processes to understand the essence of these fields deeply.

Specific information about the Tamil language
Tamil belongs to the Dravidian language family and originated way back in the third millennium BC. When it comes to dialects, the Tamil language has a profusion of variety. Among the plentiful of variants, the following are the most widely used Tamil dialects –
  • Central Tamil dilect
  • Kongu Tamil
  • Madras Bashai
  • Madurai Tamil
  • Nellai Tamil
  • Kumari Tamil
  • Batticalloa Tamil dilect
  • Jaffana Tamil dialect
  • Negombo Tamil dialect
  • Sankethi Tamil
We can assure you professional translation service in all of these Tamil dialects.

Quick, error-free, professional Tamil translation for any field
At Lingua Guru, we always complete the task within the deadline. We manage the job most professionally and allow no room for error at all. Our employees are multi-talented so that we can handle the translation of every necessary field. Alongside translation, we focus on editing and proofreading. We make sure the quality is of the highest standard by checking the task through the “CAT tool SDL Trados."

Technically valiant translators
Our translators can easily break down the technical concerns of the Tamil language. It doesn’t matter how difficult the project is; we will finish it with the highest possible accuracy.

Record-breaking positive reviews from client
Lingua Guru has received cent percent positive feedback from all clients who have experienced our Tamil translation service. We still have the aim of providing the most satisfactory service to clients who contact us.

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