Urdu Translation Services

Urdu Translation Services

Urdu is the official national language of Pakistan. A total of 70 million people speak Urdu as a primary language. Urdu also has significant users in some Indian states, including Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Telangana, Bihar, Jharkhand, and West Bengal. There are Urdu speakers who dwell in the Indian union territory of Jammu and Kashmir. At the International level, Urdu is recognized as an official language in the United Arab Emirates and Nepal as well. At Lingua Guru, we have handpicked native Urdu translators of a noticeable figure.

What are the reasons for translating English to Urdu
English to Urdu translation has to be done for plenty of significant causes. Firstly, it is required for channeling your business to Pakistan and other Urdu speaking lands. Besides that, in many diverse fields, Urdu translation has become a priority for people nowadays. In the following, we have made a list of industries where English to Urdu translation is essential.
  • Business and commercial sector
  • Science and technology
  • Daily life affairs
  • Tourism and transportation
  • History and monument
  • Study and research
  • Medical science
  • Sports
  • Legal and lawsuit concerns
  • Administration and management
  • Others
At Lingua Guru, our translators have gone through specific courses and training campaigns to understand the necessary industries clearly.

The essence of Urdu language
The Urdu language is more like a modified form of the Hindi language. It comes under the Hindustani language section. According to information provided by globally recognized linguists, Urdu came into recognition somewhere between the 6th to 13th centuries. Urdu dialects are categorized according to their variation of pronunciation in different regions. Generally, three Urdu dialects are confirmed yet –
  • Dekhni
  • Rekhta
  • Modern vernacular Urdu
Here at Lingua Guru, we have translators who can easily help you out with all three dialects of Urdu.

Quick, error-free, professional Urdu translation for any field
Our Urdu translators are fast and tend to avoid making errors up to the maximum extent. They are pure professionals and versatile enough to translate in any filed of requirement. Our service also includes editing and proofreading along with the translation. For accuracy maintenance, we let the assignment go through the "CAT tool SDL Trados.”

Translation service with exclusive technical command
The Urdu language has its own technical characteristics. As our translators are native Urdu speakers, they can break down technically tricky subjects.

Unbelievable reaction from clients
We are amazed by the way our clients have appreciated our efforts. Non-stop flow of positive reviews has motivated us to keep working more harder and satisfying more clients.

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