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Marathi is the official native language of western Indian state Maharashtra. A total of 83 million people consider Marathi as their primary communicative language. With such a huge amount of speakers, it is ranked 10th among languages that have the highest number of users in the world. In India, Marathi has the 3rd highest number of native speakers after Hindi and Bengali. At Lingua Guru you can get native Marathi translators with exceptional skill.

Why English to Marathi translation is needed
Maharashtra is one of the largest and densely populated states of India. Its capital Mumbai is the most significant commercial hub in the country. No other Indian cities experience as many business transactions as Mumbai on a regular basis. Alongside business, in countless other fields, English to Marathi translation is quite necessary. For example -
  • Business and commerce
  • Finance
  • Legal affairs
  • Science and technology
  • Computer science
  • Life science
  • Medicine industries
  • Social matters
  • Environmental studies
  • Government and administration process
Our translators have all the obligatory knowledge in every single domain according to your requirements. Besides being phenomenal linguists, they have professionally learnt about the required fields during the training campaign.

Specialities of Marathi language
History says the Marathi language has its origin long back in the 3rd century BCE. It belongs to the Indo-Aryan language family. Marathi has 42 different dialects with little variations from each other. The most spoken dialects are divided into three categories i.e.
  • Zadi Boli
  • Southern Indian Marathi
  • Varhadi
We have appointed certified translators who have a clear understanding of every different dialect.

Quick, error-free, professional Marathi language for every field
Lingua Guru translators have made their names in meeting deadline and providing professional service without any margin of error. You may need English to Marathi translation for distinguished fields but we have all kind of solution for you. We assure quality of the highest standard by using CAT Tool STL Trados. Apart from translation we also do editing and proofreading to preserve accuracy.

Technically versatile translators
Not everyone can easily apprehend the technicality involved in the Marathi language. One has to be a professional and native speaker to be able to make the accurate translation. Our translators are technically precise and well examined for their position.

Positive feedback from clients
The Marathi translation service provided by Lingua Guru has been getting huge positive reaction from clients. In terms of accuracy we have received 9.8 ratings out of 10 which is the best by far among all the translation industries.

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