Technical Translation Services

Technical Translation Services

To do the perfect translation; it is imperative to own specialized domain knowledge, as each sector has its own set of linguistic requirements. And, for translating technical documents, it has its own special terminology which is important in scientific production-oriented and tech-based industries. Technical translation is termed as an essential element for those companies who are eyeing winning international market share.

In our multilingual society, translating technical documents in multiple languages is vital for businesses, industries, scholarly pursuits, for various scientific and engineering disciplines.

What are the associated challenges in Technical translation?

The technical documentation must require a uniform translation and consistent use of specific technical terms. All this makes it difficult for the regular translator to adhere to the guidelines and hence their difficulty rises two-fold. Some challenges associated with technical translation are:

The most crucial part of technical translations is the precise translation of terminology into the target language. It depends on the translator’s language skill and technical know-how to select the most suitable word to fit in the target language for the context.

Informal terms and technical jargon
For informal terms and technical jargon of the specific country, region, or dialect, only a person with in-depth technical knowledge of the source and target languages can effectively carry out such a task.

What do we offer at Lingua Guru?

Technical documentation requires domain-specific translation services of texts, documents, etc. Because of its technical nature, a high level of knowledge and relevant terminology is needed to carry out the task. Unlike other documents, technical documentation requires a technical translator with excellent knowledge and understanding of the subject, and specialized terms.

A well-translated technical document reflects your knowledge of industry standards and technical terms. The well communicated technical terminology plays a major role in building your reputation as a professional.

At Lingua Guru, we offer specialized services in complex technical communications through our best professionals. We have a worldwide team of skilled linguists and technical translators for every business and academic domain. We offer technical translation of diverse documents, scientific reports, marketing collateral, etc., and many more.

How our services are unique?

The technology world is based on clear and to-the-point technical documents and hence always requires a dual competence; one is a firm hold on language and the other is a high level of technical domain knowledge. Accuracy is the foundation of our services, as the tiniest error in technical translation could have severe consequences.

Quality is always the highest priority for every client, and for technical translation, Lingua Guru always chooses experts with a combination of strong language skills and a high level of domain knowledge to ensure the accuracy of technical translation. We have a network of well-trained, experienced linguists and technical translators who are qualified in a wide range of disciplines to provide support to the technical translation requirements.

Above all, you can also reap the following benefits while partnering with us:
  • Secure technological infrastructure
  • Dependable & customer-focused project management
  • Quick response & fast turnaround
  • Cost savings
  • Native translators

Why choose Lingua Guru?

The core of Lingua Guru Translation services is a technical translation in various languages. It’s the area where we have an excellent track record and offer unparalleled technical expertise in translation. With our years of experience in managing the technical translation of all sizes and domains across the industrial spectrum, we do more than just translation by keeping in line with your technical terminology which helps you in saving lots of money.

At Lingua Guru, our proficiency is to locate the point which exactly requires translation; hence we leave everything else intact and return your content ready for use. The translation does not aim to compromise the timeliness and productivity of the project. Hence, we integrate a work-flow that is easy to work with and gives our clients the ability to review their work quickly and give us feedback. Our primary aim is to make the translation process simple and seamless.

We pride ourselves on our in-depth expertise in translation. We believe in getting the job done efficiently regardless of the size of the project. We always welcome the opportunity to add to our numbers. So leave your technical translation needs in the experts’ hands. We would love to hear from you.

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