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Website Translation Services

With the boom in the era of the World Wide Web, business expansion and reaching the target audience is like a cakewalk. But in order to strike the right chord, it is equally important to globally localize your website content.

Being considered as a profitable investment these days, website translation helps you to reach the foreign markets in no time. We all know that English is the widely spoken language in the entire world, but still many of us are rooted in our local languages. At this stage, website translation plays a major role in the lives of such people by representing the business’s brand globally by being local.

We at Lingua Guru are committed to serving the needs of people by offering flexible solutions in the translation industry. We understand its importance and hence provide the website translation services in many global languages at a pocket-friendly price. With a commitment to the best quality, fast turnaround at a cost-effective price, our website translation services can give an immediate leap to your business growth.

We have a team of skilled translators, which makes our website translation services even more credible as they make sure that the message of your brand communicates flawlessly in any local language around the globe.

Why Website translation is a must?

In simple words, website translation expands your reach to new and potential clients online. Making your brand globally visible through website translation helps to give your business exposure and important growth potential.

According to some recently conducted studies, consumers are more likely to complete their shopping, if they find information in their local language. A good local browsing experience at an international platform helps your business in gaining momentum market share at a nominal cost. And it is all possible with website translation services.

We at Lingua Guru have a team of native-speaking translators which maintains your brand identity and easily grasp the content of your website and translate it with unique sensitivity according to the local culture and target-based audience.

Why your website should be multilingual?
a) To make your business globally visible: Many of us worked hard and spend lots of money on getting an excellent website done in terms of layout, design, and content to grow our business. But when you are aiming to conquer international markets, then being monolingual is a thing of the past. Communication is the basic foundation of success in any business and going multilingual helps your business to tap into the huge potential of the non-English speaking market. b) To give quick turnaround to business: It is a lost opportunity for your business if your website is not available in other languages. A multilingual website gives an edge over monolinguals by giving a quick turnaround to your business with new potential clients. c) To respect the preference of clients: Language is the only bridge to cut the barriers across the globe and reach the people. It is an absolutely unmatched experience to deal the people with trust and comfort in one’s own language. By having a multilingual website, it would be quite easy to reach your customers faster and in a better way.
What does Lingua Guru offer?
With our wide range of language translation coverage, we have come a long way in giving you specialized technology advancement in website translation. The languages we cover are Indian, Asian, African, European, Middle East, and Foreign. Our top ten specialized foreign languages are Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Malay, French, and German.
Some of our key features which give us an edge over competitors are:
  • Provides website translation service in any format as per client’s requirement.
  • Network of expert translators with updated knowledge
  • Scalable solutions to quickly add additional language translation to expand website reach.
  • Fast delivery with 24/7 customer support
  • Website translation for any industry/sector
With our website translation services, we are committed to providing our clients with a pleasant user experience that drives profitable business results for them.
Why Lingua Guru:
Here at Lingua Guru, we understand that targeting and communicating with multilingual clients is vital for the business when you are aiming to international markets. To make it successful, it is equally important that your website conveys the exact meaning to the customers in their local language. At this stage, website translation plays an effective role as a long-term strategy in business development.

With our in-depth expertise in translating and localizing the content, we can be your ideal partner in building your brand and establish your company’s presence. Just get in touch with us to know more!

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Looking for a Document Translation?